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What is a foreigner's work visa?

Foreigners working in China shall obtain work permits and work residence certificates in accordance with the provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on exit and entry administration. No unit or individual may employ foreigners who have not obtained work permits and work residence certificates. Work visa for foreigners is a legal document for foreigners in China. As long as foreigners work in China, they must apply for such certificates.

Classification of work permit for foreigners“ABC”

Category A (foreign high-end talents)
  • More than 85 points
  • In line with internationally recognized professional achievement recognition standards
  • Innovative and entrepreneurial talents
  • The average income is six times higher than that of the previous year
  • Not limited by age and work experience, 6 times of social average income
Category B (foreign professionals)
  • More than 60 points
  • Bachelor degree or above and 2 years related working experience
  • Hold international general vocational skill qualification certificate
  • Foreign language teaching staff
  • The average income is higher than 4 times of social average income
Category C (other foreign personnel)
  • The employment permit has been obtained in the old policy, but the extension does not meet the criteria for class AB personnel
  • Graduating from high level universities at home and abroad
  • Outstanding graduates of master's degree from domestic universities
  • Outstanding graduates of master's degree in China
  • Registered as a shareholder or legal person within two years after graduation

Preparation of work permit materials for foreigners


  • Business license
  • Corporate identity card
  • Operator information
  • certificate of authorization
  • Social security certificate
  • Labor contract
  • Credit certificate
  • Tax certificate
  • Other signing materials

  • passport
  • Photo
  • essential information
  • Medical Examination Report
  • Original certificate of no crime
  • No crime certification
  • Original educational background
  • Academic Accreditation
  • Letter of commitment
  • Certificate of temporary residence
  • Other signing materials

Process of working visa for foreigners

The application process of foreigners' work permit in China is cumbersome and time-consuming. Therefore, eChina Careers provides customized "one-to-one" visa service for foreign talents, EChina careers has many years of experience in visa application and has successfully helped thousands of foreign talents to obtain work permits and work residence permits.

At the same time, we can also assist foreigners in handling the certification of no criminal record and academic credentials. Foreigners can get the certification within 20 working days without returning to China, which saves time, effort and worry.
Conditions for enterprises to employ foreigners?

With the rapid growth of domestic economy, more and more enterprises are moving towards internationalization, At the same time, many enterprises recruit foreign talents. What kind of enterprises can recruit foreign talents? What are the prerequisites?

  1. It is established according to law and has no record of serious violation of law and dishonesty
  2. The work units of foreigners should be posts with special needs, temporary absence in China and not in violation of state regulations
  3. The work and salary paid to foreigners employed shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard
  4. If the laws and regulations stipulate that the examination and approval shall be conducted by the competent department of the industry, the approval shall be obtained