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Qualified candidates will be contacted by one of our recruitment consultants within 48 hours.

K-12 English Instructor

School:Chengdu ABIE
Working time:Monday- Friday 8:30-12:00 14:30-18:00

Salary:¥30000-33000 /Month

AP Economics Teacher - Beijing

School:RDFZ Xishan School
Location: Beijing
Working time:Monday- Friday 8:30-12:00 14:30-18:00

¥23000-35000 /Month

Dual teacher

Location: Beijing
Working time:Monday- Friday 9:30-12:00 14:00-18:00

¥20000-40000 /Month

Training school ESL teacher

School:First Leap China
Working time:40 hours (25 teaching hours) 6 days, per week.

¥21000-24000 /Month

K-12 English Instructor

School:ishow education
Location: Shanghai
Working time:Wed.-Fri. 2:00pm-9:00pm Sat.-Sun. 9:00am-7:00pm

¥25000-58000 /Month

Early Childhood English teacher

School:Mears International English
Location: Shenzhen
Working time:40 hours (25 teaching hours) 6 days, per week.

¥15000-18000 /Month

Training school ESL teacher

School:EP Yingban Education
Location: Chengdu
Working time:40 hours (25 teaching hours) 6 days, per week.

¥18000-22000 /Month

Director of Studies

School:Beile Training School
Location: Wuhan
Working time:Wed.-Fri. 2:00pm-9:00pm Sat.-Sun. 9:00am-7:00pm

¥23000-26000 /Month

Our Services

Foreign Talent Recruitment
Outsourcing Service (RPO)

Our international consultants help companies one-to-one, analyzing their recruitment requirements and provide foreign talent recruitment services for companies from a variety of industries.

Foreign Talent Information Screening

Candidate qualifications, related work experience, criminal records check, health records, etc.

Visa Consulting

Assistance with applying for relevant documents and visas required to hire foreign talents to work in China.

Job Postings

With our extensive pool of resource and cooperation with well-known HR hunting sites, we help clients connect with talents across all the North America, Europe, Africa, South-east Asia and beyond through targeted job advertising.

Provide services for foreigners who study, set up a company and find apartment in China

Provide services for kids who go on an overseas study or study in world-known schools

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection.In our themes, you will only find the best.

Jack GlobeHR, founded in 2018, is one of the leading Foreign Talents Headhunting enterprises in China. Our main purpose is to provide high quality English teacher placement service and FREE visa consulting service for our candidates.

We are hornored to part of Chinese educational market for graduates, teachers, and teachers-to-be all over the world and help to improve the global communication and interaction of the future.

Jack GlobeHR now collaborates with over 1000 companies in the ESL market and offers more than 300 job vacancies for English teachers and educational managers per month in Mainland China.

We provide high quality foreign talents

You can get more suitable talents for your enterprise here.

China is continuing along the path of internationalization, innovation, and entrepreneurship. As such, it comes as no surprise that more and more foreign talents are choosing China as the starting point of their entrepreneurial journeys.

JackGlobeHR has assisted a number of foreign entrepreneurs via helping them better understand China’s cultural, historical and industry background, match local resources, and analyze local entrepreneurial and commercial policies. We have also helped foreign enterprises and local government organs connect and communicate.

Written By Bill

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,
In our themes, you will only find the best.

I wasn't sure about the whole situation in China before I came, I was curious and excited but a bit anxious about going to a new place and start everything. It was Jack's company who helped me going through the interviews and all the sessions, patiently help me with z visa and everything, I truly appreciate it and will recommend the service to people who want to come to work here in China!

Written By Hary

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,
In our themes, you will only find the best.

I first came to China to look for a job, it is Jackson helped me, they help me to find a high salary job, the school is also very friendly, gave me a single apartment, so I do not have to worry about accommodation problems, let me peace of mind in Jackson company introduction of school work, getting to know more Chinese friends, they can speak fluent English, and I'm very proud that I can work in China!

The visa process

What is a foreigner's work visa

Foreigners working in China shall obtain work permits and work residence certificates in accordance with the provisions of the law of the people's Republic of China on the administration of exit and entry. No unit or individual may employ foreigners who have not obtained work permits or work type residence certificates. A foreigner's work visa is a legal certificate for a foreigner to work in China. As long as a foreigner works in China, he must apply for such a certificate.

Classification of work permits for foreigners - ABC

Class A (foreign high-end talents)
  • Over 85 points
  • Meet internationally recognized standards for professional achievement
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship talents
  • The average income is 6 times higher than that of the previous year in the region
  • Not limited by age and work experience, 6 times social average income
Class B (foreign professionals)
  • Over 60 points
  • Bachelor degree or above and 2 years or above related working experience
  • Bachelor degree or above and 2 years or above related working experience
  • Foreign language teaching staff
  • Average income is more than 4 times of social average income
Class C (other foreign personnel)
  • The employment permit has been obtained in the old policy, but it does not meet the standard of class AB personnel when it is extended
  • Master's degree from high level universities at home and abroad
  • Outstanding graduates graduated from domestic universities
  • Excellent graduate of master's degree in China
  • Registered as a shareholder or legal person within two years after graduation

Preparation of work permit materials for foreigners


  • Business license
  • Legal person id card
  • Handler information
  • Certificate of authorization
  • Social security certificate
  • Labor contract
  • Credit certificate
  • Tax payment certificate
  • Other signing materials

  • passport
  • photo
  • Basic information
  • Medical Examination Report
  • Original crime free certificate
  • Crime free certification
  • Educational background
  • Academic attestation
  • Letter of undertaking
  • Certificate of temporary residence
  • Other signing materials

Foreigner work visa application process

The application process of foreigner's work permit in China is tedious and time-consuming, so echinacareers provides enterprises with customized "one-to-one" visa service for foreign talents. Echinacareers has many years of visa processing experience, and has successfully helped thousands of foreign talents to obtain work permits and work residence permits.

At the same time, we can also assist foreigners in handling the certification of no criminal record and education background. Foreigners can get the certification within 20 working days without returning home, which is time-saving and labor-saving.
Conditions for enterprises to employ foreigners

With the rapid growth of domestic economy, more and more enterprises are going international, and there are many enterprises recruiting foreign talents, so what kind of enterprises can recruit foreign talents? What are the prerequisites?

  1. Set up according to law, no record of serious violation or dishonesty
  2. he units engaged in by foreigners shall be posts with special needs that are temporarily absent in China and do not violate state regulations
  3. The work and salary paid to the employed foreigners shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standard
  4. If the laws and regulations stipulate that the examination and approval shall be conducted in advance by the competent department of the industry, it shall be approved

About US

Jack GlobeHR

We are aware of Chinese and foreign cultural differences, with abundant foreign talent resources and industry experience. We are committed to providing services for foreign talents in China, looking for international talents for Chinese enterprises , helping Chinese enterprises move towards global. We have helped nearly 1000 foreign talents find their place in life, and also provide services for foreigners who want to set up companies, study, apply for visa in China.;

According to "rong piao plan", Nobel Prize winners and other top international talents (teams) who come to chengdu for innovation and entrepreneurship can get up to 100 million yuan comprehensive funding; Long-term projects, youth projects and overseas short-term projects applicants can get 1.2 to 3 million yuan, 600,000 yuan and 600,000 yuan respectively. They have the priority to apply for foreign expert projects such as national or provincial "thousand talents plan". ;

Third, demonstration of results. To carry out the work of establishing a demonstration base for introducing foreign talents' intellectual achievements, we shall select a demonstration base (unit) for introducing intellectual achievements according to the annual appraisal, and provide 100,000 yuan of financial support to the units awarded each year for two consecutive years, and 200,000 yuan of financial support for the successful establishment of a national demonstration base (unit) for introducing intellectual achievements at one time. The appraised units may use relevant supporting policies such as titles and named products.

Why come to China

China, the awakening lion of the East
- purchasing power of RMB ranks first in the world in 14 years
—the second largest economy in the world
—GDP growth rate ranks first in the world, and the total volume ranks first
—five thousand years of Chinese civilization, profound cultural heritage,
vast territory and abundant resources
—a country of etiquette

Oriental lion

Chinese food

sports events

GDP growth rate ranks first in the world

Five thousand years of Chinese civilization

Purchasing power of RMB ranks first in the world in 14 years

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