What is a foreign company?

A foreign-funded company refers to an enterprise established by foreign investors in China on the premise of abiding by national laws. The types of registered companies include limited liability company, partnership, and sole proprietorship. At present, our company provides registration services for all types of foreign companies or joint ventures.

Suitable population:
  • Overseas persons with sufficient funds and who intend to register companies in China
Process flow:
  • 1.Determine company registration requirements
  • 2.Preparation of materials
  • 3.Review materials
  • 4.Submit materials to relevant departments
  • 5.Get business license, official seal, bank account
Materials required:
  • 1.Corporate passport / email / telephone
  • 2.Passport of Supervisor
  • 3.10 company registered names
  • 4.Business scope
Processing time:

After the application materials are complete, it will be completed in about one month