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Non criminal certification and overseas academic certification

Non-Criminal Record and Degree Notarization

With the increasing number of foreigners working and starting businesses in China, the management of work permits for foreigners is becoming more and more strict. The new work permit policy was implemented on April 1, 2017, The application for a foreigner's work visa is more complicated and strict than before, and all applicants need to provide a certificate of no criminal record and diploma certification.

What is crime free and academic certification?

Foreign non crime and education certification is one of the important application conditions when Chinese enterprises help their foreign employees to apply for work permits, which are required to be provided by the relevant local government departments, In order to prove that the foreign talent has no criminal facts in his home country and the official proof of the establishment of his undergraduate degree.

Certification process

The process of no criminal record and academic certification can be summarized into three parts: original, notarization and certification. Due to the different responsibilities of the institutions and departments set up in each country, there will be some differences in the time and place of handling, Foreigners or employers should understand clearly in advance before starting to do so.

Original certificate of no criminal record:Generally, it should be issued by the police or background investigation agency of the foreign applicant's nationality or habitual residence. Some countries, such as Americans, can apply for the background clearance of the FBI online

Original educational background:Bachelor degree or above for foreign applicants。

Notarization and certification:It shall be notarized by the local notary public or authorized department of the host country, and then transferred to the Ministry of foreign affairs of the host country for authentication, Finally, the notarized copy and the certificate given by the Ministry of foreign affairs will be sent to the Chinese consulate for authentication.

Russia crime free original and certified sample

Certification cycle

It shall be subject to the certificate issued by the Chinese Embassy in the host country1-1.5Months, or even longer, because some people have other things in their certification, they will not go through the whole process without interruption, and there will inevitably be intermission in the process.

For candidates who are not in their own country, it is a waste of time. First of all, they will spend a lot of time and energy on the way back and forth, If you are not familiar with the procedures and the specific place of business, the economic loss and efficiency will be greatly reduced. Enterprises and candidates will be hollowed out of patience and unable to communicate effectively.

Crime free and academic certification services

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