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External qualification

It is mainly aimed at large and medium-sized enterprises and schools that are ready to employ foreign talents

Suitable for enterprises:
  • 1.Various types of enterprises (no fixed years and qualification requirements)
Process flow:
  • 1.Registered account number
  • 2.Improve enterprise information
  • 3.The submitted materials shall be submitted to the Foreign Affairs Bureau for examination and approval
  • 4.Approved
Materials required:
  • 1.The scanned copy of the front and back of the ID card of the enterprise legal person
  • 2.Person in charge (in case the operator is not a legal person) ID card front and back electronic scanning copy contact telephone email
  • 3.Scanned copy of business license
  • 4.Signature and seal of enterprises are required
Processing time:

The application should be completed within 7 working days after the application materials are complete