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Business visa

It mainly aims at the graduates of famous schools and excellent foreign entrepreneurs who intend to innovate and start their own businesses in China

Suitable population:
  • 1.Foreign graduates who have graduated from well-known universities at home and abroad (the top 300 in the world) who have not completed two years of graduation and are engaged in innovation and entrepreneurship in China
  • 2.The foreign graduates of Chinese colleges and universities have the intention of innovation and entrepreneurship in China
  • 3.Foreigners who plan to invest or innovate in China
Process flow:
  • 1.Determine visa type
  • 2.Material preparation, material optimization
  • 3.Audit materials, entrepreneurship training
  • 4.Submit materials to government departments
  • 5.After waiting for 7 working days, go to the exit entry administration to get the visa
Materials required:
  • 1.Copies of valid passport and visa
  • 2.2-inch bareheaded photo with white background
  • 3.Health certificate within half a year
  • 4.Original and copy of temporary accommodation registration form
  • 5.Original and copy of academic certificate
  • 6.Business planning
  • 7.Personal description
  • 8.Incubator certification
Processing time:

The application should be completed within 7 working days after the application materials are complete