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TEFL certificate is an internationally accepted professional qualification certificate for English teachers. It has been recognized by more than 85 countries, and has more than 100 group members and more than 10000 professionals in the world.

TEFL International Certification

TEFL course content has been recognized by more than 8000 International schools, and has nearly 100 group members and more than 14000 professionals all over the world. In North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and other countries fully recognized.

65000 graduates

TEFL has graduated 65000 students. At present, there are many TEFL education and training institutions with formal qualifications in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and Singapore. The certificates issued by these institutions have their own characteristics and are not subordinate to each other.

Jobs are open to all graduates

The employment direction of TEFL is very wide, graduates can choose teachers, institutional consultants, language center teachers, education institutions, enterprise English and other related positions.

23 years celebration

It has been 23 years. As time goes by, we are more mature, the more accurate the direction is, and there are more harvest waiting for you and me to harvest together

About us

With the help of our recruitment teams in 85 countries, TEFL college has a global employment rate of over 99%.

Written By Bill

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,
In our themes, you will only find the best.

I wasn't sure about the whole situation in China before I came, I was curious and excited but a bit anxious about going to a new place and start everything. It was Jack's company who helped me going through the interviews and all the sessions, patiently help me with z visa and everything, I truly appreciate it and will recommend the service to people who want to come to work here in China!

Written By Hary

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,
In our themes, you will only find the best.

I first came to China to look for a job, it is Jackson helped me, they help me to find a high salary job, the school is also very friendly, gave me a single apartment, so I do not have to worry about accommodation problems, let me peace of mind in Jackson company introduction of school work, getting to know more Chinese friends, they can speak fluent English, and I'm very proud that I can work in China!

About US

Jack GlobeHR

We are aware of Chinese and foreign cultural differences, with abundant foreign talent resources and industry experience. We are committed to providing services for foreign talents in China, looking for international talents for Chinese enterprises , helping Chinese enterprises move towards global. We have helped nearly 1000 foreign talents find their place in life, and also provide services for foreigners who want to set up companies, study, apply for visa in China.;

According to "rong piao plan", Nobel Prize winners and other top international talents (teams) who come to chengdu for innovation and entrepreneurship can get up to 100 million yuan comprehensive funding; Long-term projects, youth projects and overseas short-term projects applicants can get 1.2 to 3 million yuan, 600,000 yuan and 600,000 yuan respectively. They have the priority to apply for foreign expert projects such as national or provincial "thousand talents plan". ;

Third, demonstration of results. To carry out the work of establishing a demonstration base for introducing foreign talents' intellectual achievements, we shall select a demonstration base (unit) for introducing intellectual achievements according to the annual appraisal, and provide 100,000 yuan of financial support to the units awarded each year for two consecutive years, and 200,000 yuan of financial support for the successful establishment of a national demonstration base (unit) for introducing intellectual achievements at one time. The appraised units may use relevant supporting policies such as titles and named products.

Why come to China

China, the awakening lion of the East
- purchasing power of RMB ranks first in the world in 14 years
—the second largest economy in the world
—GDP growth rate ranks first in the world, and the total volume ranks first
—five thousand years of Chinese civilization, profound cultural heritage,
vast territory and abundant resources
—a country of etiquette

Oriental lion

Chinese food

sports events

GDP growth rate ranks first in the world

Five thousand years of Chinese civilization

Purchasing power of RMB ranks first in the world in 14 years

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