Top ESL Jobs in China

Written By Bill

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,

I wasn't sure about the whole situation in China before I came, I was curious and excited but a bit anxious about going to a new place and start everything. It was Jack's company who helped me going through the interviews and all the sessions, patiently help me with z visa and everything, I truly appreciate it and will recommend the service to people who want to come to work here in China!

Written By Hary

At Jack GlobeHR, we create perfection,
In our themes, you will only find the best.

I first came to China to look for a job, it is Jackson helped me, they help me to find a high salary job, the school is also very friendly, gave me a single apartment, so I do not have to worry about accommodation problems, let me peace of mind in Jackson company introduction of school work, getting to know more Chinese friends, they can speak fluent English, and I'm very proud that I can work in China!